Saturday, February 23, 2008

What I am Doing On This Here Blog

I am blogging about military matters, other than the Chimperor's Wars. For that topic, you'll have to check out my other blog. I don't profess to being any great expert. I didn't go to any of the war colleges and I stopped reading the professional journals a long time ago.

What I am going to do is read the news and set down my thoughts. I might throw a few stories in now and then. I won't plan on being anywhere near as prolific as I am on my home blog. I may limit the snark, but not too much.

(If you link to me, drop a comment and I'll reciprocate.)


Anonymous said...

aho! nice blogs and profile! love the kitty cat with that weapon. Love watching a battleship fire too. I'm in Army ROTC thought I'd drop you a comment.

Jimh. said...

I linked you the first night I found you!

and also