Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Fitness Report

This is a fitness report on Rear Admiral Spruance following the Battle of Midway.

Note that it is not fully "left-justified", in that Admiral Spruance had five marks that were 3.9s. Times were different then.

Admiral Spruance was one of the greatest commanders in the history of the US Navy, though there has been the inevitable sniping by the chairborne naval historians.

Two destroyers have been named in his honor.


Frank Van Haste said...

Dear Miss Fit:

Yes, times were different. Reading in context, the document also speaks well of Frank Jack Fletcher, doesn't it?

And, ISTR, he had a "can" named after him, as well. A pattern here?

(Arleigh Burke was a fair officer, too.)



julian said...

A performance report like that would leave you on the bottom of the promotion list in today's Air Force. If you don't have all 5's then your not moving up. The system today needs major reform.

What a truly fascinating look into history.

stephen said...

You will overload your web host if you got everyone started on the topic of fitreps......

Rating people, civilian or military has always been difficult

Anonymous said...

Ha! The civic involvement box always cracked me up.

Steve CPO ret