Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Amityville Horror

The house that was the site of the murders that sparked the Amityville Horror has been put on the market for $1.15 million.

This is no shit:

On most of the older steam-powered warships, the sailors lived in large berthing compartment that held anywhere from 15 to 100 men or more. In the early 1980s, the Navy began installing privacy curtains that went around each bunk. The curtains (known colloquially as "beat-off curtains") allowed individual sailors to read or to write letters after Taps. Before the installation of the curtains, everyone had to shut off their bunk lights.

There was a sailor who stayed up after Taps, reading the book The Amityville Horror. It was fair to say that he was really engrossed in it. Just after midnight, another sailor reached across the bunk next to his, slid his hand under the curtain and grabbed the ankle of the sailor reading the book. The screams of that sailor woke everyone up in two berthing compartments.

This is also no shit:

After the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard closed in 1966, a company called Coastal Drydock & Repair took over part of the shipyard. They did major overhauls and repairs on Navy ships. A little while after the Amityville Horror movie came out, a few sailors on one of the ships undergoing overhaul there decided to drive out to Amityville and look at the house. They found the house, took some photos and drove away.

The transmission on their car blew out a quarter of a mile down the road.


Eck! said...

That's my neck of the woods. Grew up not far from there and by the late 60 early 70s had friends in the area. Well other than the murder most all considered the house ugly mostly. One guy I new lived down the block and basically said after the murders, mostly kooks would buy the house and nothing much memorable.

Now some of the old estates on the LI Gold Coast like Oheka Castle where downright creapy to be in at night!
(ex Eastern Military Academy)


Allan S said...

As an Ordiary Seaman doing outside rounds, I watched the movie "Amityville Horror". I had the middle watch and as I went down tiller flats, there were two red indicator lights on a control panel, (NOW I know they were red indicator lights), I swore they were Jodies glowing pig eyes....I didn't do rounds down there for a week.....