Saturday, April 23, 2016

Uniform Disasters- Aquaflage is Going Away

After six years in the fleet and some controversy, the blue-and-gray cammies could be headed for Davy Jones' seabag.
I called it seven years ago, before that stupid uniform ever hit the Fleet.

Why the fuck the Navy doesn't stop reinventing the goddamn wheel and go back to what worked for decades (washed khakis for E-7s and above, dungarees and blue shirts for junior enlisted) is beyond my comprehension. Probably because some well-connected people in the uniform-making trade won't make much money from it would be my guess.

The fucking Navy uniform selection process is about as useful as a soup sandwich.


c-90 said...

How about the U.S. Army Blues uniform? It was optional dress for years, then a CSMA (Command Sergeants Major of the Army)and Chief of Staff of the Army *decided* the Greens uniform wasn't *speshul* enough. So Make it the ONLY Class A uniform, and increase the monthly uniform maint. allowance, and except for enlisteds in basic, everyone has to spend over $350 to buy enough for a basic set of 2 coats and pants and the accessories, and having the embroidered bits sewn on. And lets not forget the Black Beret for EVERYONE.

jon spencer said...

Wash khaki's and dungarees were good working uniforms, then they replaced them with uniforms that melted to your skin.
They fixed the old Foul Weather jackets the same way.