Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wisdom Teeth

Bubblehead has a post on wisdom teeth.

I was on a ship when I went into the naval base dental clinic for my yearly dental exam. The Navy, in its infinite wisdom, only had people come in annually. If you have ever gone a year without having your teeth cleaned, I don't recommend that you do. Back in the days before the water-jet descalers, plaque build-up had to be removed by scraping. A lot of of plaque builds up in a year and the process of removing it was not a lot of fun.

So anyway, there I was, lying flat on my back in the dental chair, when the dentist (a captain) told me (a lieutenant), that I needed to have my two wisdom teeth removed. Having long gotten past the point where staff-puke rank impressed me, I asked why that was so. He said: "Some day they'll bother you." I shot back with: "Some day my back will bother me, too, you want to remove that, sir?"

He ordered me to make an appointment to "come back in two weeks and have those wisdom teeth out." So I did, though, for some reason, it slipped my mind that my ship was deploying in ten days. Sure enough, about a month into the cruise, the XO got a nasty letter from the dental clinic that I had missed an appointment. And sure enough, by the time the ship had returned to home port, the matter had been forgotten.

I got out of the Navy with my wisdom teeth intact.

Six years later, I had to have them pulled for about $150. So being a stubborn jackass cost me real cash money.


PhysioProf said...

Having your wisdom teeth removed: $150.

Mouthing off to a superior officer with sharp instruments in your mouth: Priceless!

Ruckus said...

I got the same order in boot camp. Oh the fun I had. Lt dipshit had all the dental skills of old paint brush. But coming back in for a follow up and being seen by Lt dipshit's boss was one of my best experiences in the navy. I'm not sure but I think Lt dipshit got his, and in a big way. He may still be cleaning spittoons in some o-club somewhere.

ok 'den said...

A butter-bar dentist in San Diego removed mine with one knee on my chest and a tooth cracker. When a piece of tooth flew across the room and blood pouring down my throat, I thought a civilian life with them wouldn't be too bad.