Monday, October 4, 2010

Nothing Ever Changes

Once again, the Air Force is taking knocks for largely being a bunch of civilians in uniform, with their fine whines of: "It's dusty here!" "Our laundry is damp!" "Do we have to share with the Army?" ("no" on that one)

It was a standing joke back in the day that when the Air Force was given money to build a base, they'd spend all of the money to build the Officer's Club, the EM Club, base housing and one runway (in order to fly in the booze) and then go back to Congress for more money for incidentals such as repair shops and hangars.

It doesn't sound as though much has changed.


s4e4 said...

"Nice little compound you have here.....It'd be a shame if a liberty party from say, an LPH that's been underway for a while to discover it."
osc ret

morinao said...

Not just an Air Force joke...a Marine Osprey test pilot made a similar comment to me about the golf course at NAS Patuxent River:

"Congress would never appropriate funds to build a golf course at a Navy base, but somehow every Navy base has a golf course.

"This is because whenever they build a new base, the admirals always build the golf course first so that when they overspend the initial construction budget, they can force Congress to cough up more money to build the actual runway."